Text Message Conversation Analytics in Python. Technical Walkthrough


For the backstory on how this project was birthed, check out this post here.

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Your commitment to the extra nature of that made up conversation is definitely funny.
I appreciate the step by step nature of this. I’m feeling excited by feeling like this is something I can go out and do.
That curse word code is hilarious to me. Mo Bamba vibes.
is the laughter limited to only catching the specific phrases your hard code for or would it be able to catch “lmfaooimlaughingmypainawayoooooooooooooooooo” and other variations?
Wise code figuring out these double texts :clap:t6: . Why 3.5 though?
Definitely was an intriguing read. Hats off to where this brief relationship endeavor took you.


:joy: who said the convo was made up?!
definitely mo bamba vibes i aint even peep, lmao might edit and change the order just to match.
and nah it wouldn’t have caught that one for two reasons

  1. the regular expression i used didnt include a “any character after this” wildcard, (but maybe it should have). so it would have to be an isolated laughter if that makes sense.
  2. the “f” in lmfao is gonna make that not match, but if you wanted to fix it it, you could add an [f]? in there which would make an “f” character optionally present, and the (\S)* would be like and include any variable number of “non white space characters”. so this is the update piece of the regular expression that would catch your example:
    lm[f]?a[o]+(\S)* theres usually a lot of different ways to do one thing with regex though.

& regarding double texts, 3.5 is totally arbitrary, it just lined up nicely for how many double texts that iiii thought were being sent.

@IGotATidalHeart appreciate the feedback & thoughts! :pray:t6:


Aye I’m not a coder, know when someone just dropped the heat tho! Defintely a helpful program for all those who wanna ask “What are we? Where is this relationship going?” But don’t wanna deal with the reprecussions of asking those awkard ass questions. Powerful, powerful. I’m definitely imagining what this could lead to in terms of more day to day accessories to every day interactions. What if I see someone cute, start small talk on a busy subway, and as we’re talking my Apple Watch :tm: picks up cues from the convo and communicates to me real time whether or not I have a shot using speak recognition and tracking the conversational cues. Prolly creepy and definitely some Black Mirror-esque technology.


we out here tryna answer the unanswerable, with varying degrees of success lol. lmao you really out here imaging a whole future, i dig it. and its like really next level when you get to see data about how your person of interest interacts with people in general and see if you getting better than average interaction stats. spittin that midrangeeeee. call up the black mirror directors lets get this schmoney :moneybag:. I could easily see it as the sequel to this episode “Nosedive”, kind of a satire/2real take on social media: