Soulja Boy is Mark Zuckerberg


Soulja’s alleged $1 million grossing year at the age of 17 was the unequivocal result of his deft management of the aforementioned internet services and savant like understanding of social media, networking effects, and the nature of virality in the impending Social Media Age…

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Okay I see you came with some hard-hitting facts that made me examine my initial bias. I never knew Soulja really did all that in the early stages of social media platforms.
My question is, what happened to Soulja Boy in the last 5 years? With all this hype and early adoption of technology what caused his stagnation, honestly?


People hella sleep on the point about his early adoption which I think is pretty critical to the argument. As far as the past 5 years, I dunooo. I feel like other people just caught up as far as being smart about using the internet to grow their careers and his approach wasn’t novel anymore after a while


Adding Raycon wireless earphones to that list of technology products owned/backed/created by musicians…