Rap Lyrics Straight To Command Line.


How a simple twitter crush turned into three open source projects of questionable usefulness for the general public.

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Smooooooth transition into the bars. I appreciate all of the hyperlinking too. I have yet to click on one but I love having the option.
I’m feeling connected to this especially with the azlyrics.com use (memories printing out Soulja Boy lyrics back in the day). These posts are definitely making hip hop and computers a lot of fun. These programs seem like a ton of fun. How long do they take you to code up? What other topics do you merge with computers?


I don’t like code anymore (thanks CS 103 #IfYouKnowYouKnow) but this kinda sent sparks to the little crevices in my heart where programming still lives. I appreciate that you saw this idea to fruition, and it would definitely go a long way for cats in some excrutiatingly difficult computer science course who need the motivation and appreciate some dope bars every now and then. I need a google chrome theme like this, since that’s the program I probably open most frequently on my commputer these days. A concept.

Ah, AZLyrics with that purple background. Classic. First song I ever looked up on AZLyrics was I’m Not Afraid. Memories for sure! It was Weezy and Shady who’s lyrics kept me hype when I was still trying to touch the net.

Your posts are hella quality and authentic! Inspiring even for the non-techies


yep defintiely learned hella songs reading azlyrics and rapping along to youtube videos lol, yagetme. shotout soulja boy and the rise of rap+internet, hes an important figure for sure in that respect. its been fun for sure writing about two of my favorite things in life lol. uhh depends, i think the API piece main part was done in a couple nights, but i revisited like many months later to add some filters for curse words and things. so hard to say ive added pieces usually a few nights at a time. i actually need to migrate it bc it hangs when too many requests come in still. but luckily its not that popular lol.

The nodejs command line script was literally just a fork and then some tinkering so that didnt take too long, but then went back later to clean up some stuff (its still super messy though).

The webscraping script actually came about last. the initial version just had some lyrics copy pasted into text files, but there were only like 15 songs or so, and it was mostly cardi b. after working on the automated webscraping for a different project, i went back and updated the api to work with those files too.

not sure on topics, i like to think there will be something about shoes/fashion coming up but tbd how/when/where, feel free to share suggestions if you got em

thanks for the discussion & the questions!


lol oh you smart smart. glad the sparks got there, i think programming is most exciting when you have a problem to solve or something to make. so yea defintiely just tryna share all the random ideas and off the wall projects.

ooooooooooh the google chrome theme is definitely a concept, stay tuned, i onno how to do that but im intrigued.

appreciate it b :muscle:t6:

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