Each day we spend an obscene number of hours bathed in the glow of computers and the technologies that they enable. This fact is not up for debate, nor is it difficult to prove.

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I’m excited to see where you take this. Personally, I’m excited by the possibilities of what computers can do and I’m often impressed when I discover this so I look forward to the possibility of you showing us what you can do with these computers and obscure topics that may seem unrelated but definitely feel relevant to life and/or pop culture.



& computers, it all makes sense now lmaoooo (yeah I’m also one of the people that laughs they’re ass off off off off)

I definitely should’ve read this post before the others, I would’ve had a different perspective going into some of the readings. This blog is game changing, I think tech/computers/code/rocketscience is becoming increasingly prevalent and important in day to day life. My dad was just scolding a kid on my block for owning a phone in the 5th grade, I should’ve communicated how increasingly difficult it is becoming to keep up in this world without technology or knowledge of how it all works. I’m personally interested in medicine and policy, and in my classes I’ve already seen how smartphones have been integrated into classrooms, and It won’t be long before every professional field invites the innovative force of software. Big props to you for helping usher us seamlessly into this ever-connecting reality.


Mission Accomplished! glad to hear that you see the vision :eye:


yo this good feedback actually @KrispOnTheBeat, I just added this article as the destination for when you click the About button up top on the navigation menu, so hopefully people catch the article a lil earlier.


and yepppp thats spot on what we tryna do here with it, a seamless ushering exaaaccttllyyy


I think you just gained a new number 1 fan. I am loving this concept! Coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about technology and programming, this website is opening up a whole new world for me. Thank you for tying every day ideas with technology in a way that I would not have otherwise thought fit together. It’s very interesting and creative! I already feel like my understanding/knowledge on technology has increased. I am really looking forward to keeping up with this website and seeing what new ideas you write about! :blush:


wwowww :pray:t6: thanks for the love, its super encouraging to hear this. it means we’re on track with the topics and posts, so i hope that you stay tuned and enjoy the new content coming! let us know if you have any suggestions for things youd like to read/learn about cuz the pen is always working :writing_hand:t6: