Breaking Down Emojis


"Kimojis" are actually NOT an officially recognized set of emojis. They're literally just pictures with no universally accepted text representation.

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Didn’t know there was a Unicode Consortium, this is a serious game :no_mouth:
This is pretty technical but definitely informative. I’m excited by some parts more than others though. This post felt like it was missing the fun element that other posts had. However, I recognize that this might be right up the lane of super techie people.


No cap I really thought emojis were created by a Japanese company who released updates to Apple based on what people demanded culturally (via Twitter etc etc). Appreciate that there’s more that goes into it. It touched my heart to hear how unicode is used to allow communication to be global, the real power behind the :blush: emoji. Even those who can’t really blush understand that.

I do agree with @IGotATidalHeart this post was more hardcore technical than others. What you’re doing with this blog is different, and so there’s no template to every post. What I look forward to when I read these is hearing your voice through the different topic matter you present, and that comes through in your use of graphics and the comedy etc.


aint it interesting?a whole consortium lol. but yea not quite as much of a story behind this one, kinda just an informative tidbit i suppose. appreciate the feedback


:joy: yea i was hella surprised to learn about how they came about too. yes, a universal language exactly! right, working to have some sort of consistent line of computers across everything, but of course that could literally be about almost anything so there’ll be some posts that are like more on the informational side than anything else.
thanks for reading :books:

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