12.7 Kickback of the Decade


In 2019 &computers hosted the kickback of the decade. Explore the details of the event, from the drinks served, to the Spotify playlist audio data.

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soliciting feedback on the following:

  • mousepads… &computers e-commerce 4 merch? :thinking:
  • &computers Spotify DJ Assistant (organize playlists by tempo or danceability or whatever other metric Spotify measures) :headphones:
  • &computers party consulting services :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Ok, so the concept of this article is incredibly creative. Like what lol. I especially enjoyed the playlist breakdown. I could maybe have used &computers Spotify DJ Assistant a few weeks ago. Maybe.

Also, in “Key observations”, you said Juice County and surrounding area are well represented but I feel like Juice County IS the surrounding area. :joy:

But anywayyy, Happy Birthday!!


I’m actually speechless after reading this post, who knew there was a science to throwing a kickback of the decade!! The cursing aside, I love this blog… it’s witty creative and fresh!!! I like the song slide!! And I love taboo, makes me wish I was there!!! And hope you had such a happy birthday!! How do I get notified when the next blog post comes out?!


I could definitely use some of their services too lol!!


ayeee, glad you enjoyed it! & appreciate you taking the time to reach out and comment
hopefully will have some time to do some follow ups on the music piece.

(if you want to see more music analysis check out the meek mill album review)

taboo is a classic yes yes yes, play it at every available opportunity.

Regarding notifications, you can subscribe here


thanks for the kind words & thanks for reading !

glad you liked the playlist, might have to actually follow up on the dj idea… i dont know a ton about music and theory stuff, but first thought would be sorting or grouping by tempo (or any of the audio features Spotify collects) would that make a playlist flow better?
:thinking: stay tuned

lmao touché @ surrounding areas